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Navigating the Night with Your School-age Child

School Children
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As your child navigates the journey from vibrant school days to the teenage years, their sleep needs evolve. Balancing family, homework, hobbies, and friendships can often push sleep to the backseat ‚ÄĒ leading to restless nights and groggy mornings. But sleep isn't just a luxury, it's a necessity; especially during these formative years where every lesson learned and memory made relies on a well-rested mind.

At¬†The Sleep Project steps we recognise the unique sleep challenges faced by school-aged children and teens ‚ÄĒ be it stress from a looming exam or a schedule packed with activities. Our sleep solutions are tailored, taking into consideration your child's individual needs and your family's daily routine. We aim to transform bedtime struggles into a seamless routine, ensuring your child or teen can embrace each day's potential fully energised.

Good sleep is crucial for academic success, emotional balance, and overall health. Let us help your child rediscover the joy of restful nights and productive days.

have a happy sleeper

& a well rested family

For school-age children and teenagers, our experts offer personalised one-to-one sessions, providing professional guidance to master the essentials of sleep in these crucial stages of life.


What are my options?


  • 60-minute private¬† consultation¬†with Polly Revaliente
    (Child Sleep Consultant & European Director of APSC)

  • Analysis of pre-session questionnaire, sleep diary and anxiety assessment tool

  • Written personalised sleep plan after full analysis of your family's personal circumstances

  • Relevant supporting documents specific to your personal situation

  • 2 x¬†30-minute follow-up consultations with Polly¬†for ongoing support and guidance

  • Membership to our 'Sleep Sanctuary' community ‚ÄĒ¬†¬†resources, chat room, and access to Sleep Consultants

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Polly Sleeps 

I'm Polly. I am the co-founder and family lead here at The Sleep Project.
I have been an Infant Sleep Consultant for over 10 years, and am the European Director for the Association of Professional Sleep Consultants (APSC). 
I am a qualified nurse and mum of three wild and wonderful children (plus a naughty dog!), so I know first-hand how important sleep is for the entire family. Through my extensive experience, I have developed and designed sleep solutions that work for you and your baby. Kind and gentle techniques are at the heart of everything we do.
Polly Revaliente | PollySleeps | The Sleep Project

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What are my options again?

We offer personalised one-to-one sessions school-age children and teenagers...



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