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Navigating menopause can feel like an uphill battle, especially when sleepless nights amplify every symptom. It's more than hot flushes and mood swings; it's feeling disconnected from the person you once were, grappling with anxiety and fatigue with no respite in sight. But imagine a shift back towards comfort, towards feeling like yourself again, all by reclaiming control of your sleep.

With The Sleep Project, this change isn't a distant dream; it's eminently achievable. Our team, led by doctors specialising in sleep and menopause, offers evidence-based therapies that will help transform this challenging time in your life. Say goodbye to tossing and turning, and welcome back restful sleep and energised mornings.

Take back control and start your journey to rejuvenation and rediscovering the joy of waking up refreshed. Your path to feeling like yourself again is both attainable and empowering.

Empower Your Nights,

Embrace Your Days

Personalised sessions with our experts, offering professional guidance to master the essentials of sleep in all stages of life.


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The menopause package

60-minute private consultation with Dr Caitlin Chasser
(Sleep and Menopause Specialist)

‚≠ź¬†Analysis of pre-session questionnaire and assessment of your 7-day sleep diary

‚≠ź¬†Written personalised sleep plan after full analysis of your personal circumstances

‚≠ź¬†Membership to our 'Sleep Sanctuary' community ‚ÄĒ resources, chat room, and access to Sleep Consultants

‚≠ź¬†Relevant supporting documents specific to your personal situation

PLUS ongoing online sleep therapy programme:

‚ú®¬†Retrain Your Sleep ‚ÄĒ full, unlimited access to more than 4 hours of video and audio lessons with everything you need to achieve great sleep

‚ú® 4-week programme of in-depth modules broken down into bite-sized daily chapters

‚ú® Weekly 'Sleep Prescriptions' individualised to your own needs

✨ Includes Sleep Diary mobile app

✨ Dozens of additional downloadable materials  to support your journey

‚ú® Access to ongoing one-to-one support if required (additional cost)

✨ Our Better Sleep Guarantee!


Book now for £399

For more information about our Retrain Your Sleep online insomnia programme
(which is included with the Menopause Package) click the button below:

Retrain Your Sleep

Expert in Sleep
& Menopause Care


With more than two decades of clinical experience, Dr Caitlin Chasser stands at the forefront of sleep medicine and women's health. Her expertise extends beyond traditional medical practice, as she specialises in sleep coaching and CBT-I, bringing a unique, patient-centric approach to tackling sleep and menopause-related challenges.

At the heart of Dr Caitlin's practice is her ability to harmonise hormonal balances and trigger the body's natural sleep mechanisms. This holistic approach makes her the ideal guide for those struggling with persistent sleep issues and menopause symptoms. Her methodology, grounded in her extensive medical experience, is not just about managing symptoms but empowering individuals to reclaim their well-being and zest for life.

With Dr Caitlin, patients find more than just relief; they discover a new path to revitalising their days and nights, embracing a life of balance and rejuvenation.



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