Here at The Sleep Project, we are unsurprisingly passionate about sleep.

Our mission is to make healthy restorative sleep a reality for everyone. Through
every stage of life - from babies to children, adults and older adults, whether
through sickness or in health - we aim to bring great sleep to busy people. 

We cover every aspect of sleep relating to people from all walks of life – whether you're a good or bad sleeper, we can help you improve your sleep and general wellbeing.
Meet the team!
We offer evidence based sleep therapies, and plenty of free educational content and tools for healthy sleep. We have the knowledge, energy and experience needed to help people improve their sleep patterns and behaviours, making a great night's sleep a reality for all.
Polly Revaliente. Co-Founder, The Sleep Project. European Director, APSC




"My experience has taught me that everyone's sleep is unique and so we all
need slightly different approaches. As a mum of three children, all born
within 3 1⁄2 years, I certainly had my own challenges with sleep. It was
through that journey of discovery that I took the first steps to becoming a
sleep consultant”



Polly Revaliente

The Sleep Project

European Director, APSC


Polly Revaliente. European Director, APSC

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