Our team was brought together by a simple dream, to improve health and wellbeing through deep satisfying sleep. We believe everyone deserves the gift of healthy and restorative sleep. At The Sleep Project it is our mission to make this a reality for everyone.
Dr Eidn Mahmoudzadeh, Dr Caitlin Chasser, Polly Revaliente: The Sleep Project
Our two doctors, both GPs with a specialist interest in sleep medicine, work in primary care within the NHS. Teaming up with nurse and highly experienced baby and child sleep consultant, Polly Revaliente, this brought together a ‘dream team’ of dedication to all things sleep, and a combined clinical experience of more than 60 years.
Polly Revaliente, baby sleep expert, infant sleep consultant

Polly Revaliente

Polly has been an Infant Sleep Consultant for over 10 years. She is a qualified nurse having trained in Spain and the UK, and has worked with over 3000 clients across the world. She is the European Director for the Association of Professional Sleep Consultants (APSC), which is an organisation whose mission is to promote the highest standards of practice for the professional sleep consulting industry. Through training, research and 8 years of clinical practice, she has developed various techniques to help babies and children find their own natural rhythm and establish the healthy sleep patterns that form the foundations of good adult sleep. She offers gentle, flexible sleep programmes tailored to your family and designed to fit around your already very busy life!

Dr Caitlin Chasser, General Practitioner GP and Sleep Expert

Dr Caitlin Chasser

Dr Caitlin is a Sleep Practitioner with 20 years experience in General Practice. She also has a special interest in women's health and hormonal medicine. Her personal journey into the critical nature of sleep began 10 years ago with her own struggle to have children and consequent insomnia. This started her research into how we can process stress, maintain hormone balance, and re-establish healthy sleep patterns. Using her knowledge of physiology and medicine she was able to develop sleep therapies which can be used to trigger those essential biological switches in the steps toward sleep. So life-changing were these discoveries that she realised that, as a doctor, this was where she wanted to focus her energy... to bring good quality revitalising sleep back into people's lives and with it all the benefits it brings.

Dr Eidn Mahmoudzadeh, General Practitioner GP and Sleep Expert

Dr Eidn Mahmoudzadeh

Dr Eidn is a Sleep Practitioner and a General Medical Practitioner with over 20 years of clinical experience. He has personally suffered from every kind of sleep problem there is to have, so he has a real understanding of what it’s like to live with poor sleep. Whether it’s related to stress, chronic pain, medications or mental health....he’s been through them all, and so he is uniquely placed to connect on a deeper level with people to help them through their sleep difficulties. He is now deeply passionate about the science of sleep, and the almost limitless benefits it can bring to our health and wellbeing.

Dr Sara Belinchon, General Practitioner GP and Sleep Expert

Dr Sara Belinchón

Dr Sara Belinchón is a sleep professional with more than 15 years of experience as a family doctor in the National Health System of Spain. Her interest in studying sleep medicine in depth arose when she became aware of the high frequency of sleep disorders in the general population, and the negative consequences that they had on people's day-to-day lives. She has witnessed first hand the widespread over-reliance on medications for sleep, and the inevitable problems that they bring with them. She then made it a professional and personal objective to offer a complementary approach for insomnia, given the evidence that non-pharmacological therapies have demonstrated in this area. Now her interests and experience are both aligned to help people improve their quality of life, and ultimately their health.

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