Baby Early Morning Waking 

Babies and toddlers waking too early in the morning can be a common and challenging issue for many parents. Like adults, infants and toddlers require a certain amount of sleep to thrive and grow. When they wake up too early, they may not be getting the recommended hours of sleep.

If you are tired of your baby or toddler waking up too early in the morning, leaving you exhausted and desperate for a full night's sleep, The Sleep Project is here to help with our specialised sleep training programme, Sleep Solutions for Early Wakers.

Understanding Early Morning Waking

Early morning waking, often defined as waking before 6:00am, can disrupt your baby's sleep patterns and your own daily routine. It can be caused by various factors, including hunger, discomfort, teething, sleep regression, and environmental factors such as noise and light. Babies also have circadian rhythms that are still developing, which regulate sleep-wake cycles and can result in early waking.

Although this is just a natural phase of development, there is an alternative to simply just waiting for your baby to ‘grow out of it’, with our Sleep Solutions for Early Wakers sleep training programme.

Solutions for Early Morning Waking

At The Sleep Project, we believe in the importance of a good night's sleep for your whole household. programme is designed to address early morning waking and help your baby establish a healthy sleep routine.

We provide a tailored sleep training plan, designed by our expert baby sleep consultant Polly Revaliente, to suit your child's unique needs. Our programme incorporates well-established techniques for sleep training, ensuring that your baby learns to sleep soundly through the night, develop healthy sleep habits and gradually extend their sleep duration.

Sleep Training for Baby Early Risers

Ready to tackle early morning waking head-on? Start your journey with our Sleep Solutions for Early Wakers programme today, or contact our team of experts to learn more about our sleep training programmes.

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